The first step, the first of all.

A brand that grew with us, both national and globally, and now its at our core. It all started one day with two students, in a foreign exchange program, that saw an emerging brand so colourful and inspiring that they decided to bring back home a pair of shoes. From Argentina to Portugal and from here to the world, Paez is now represented in more than 20 countries, confident today that everything is possible — everything you can dream of.



From our grandparents' feet to ours.

From the early beginnings of the 20th century, to a defiant future. Superga's legacy and heritage is rather great, and with it comes the challenge of reinventing the Italian brand while showing growth and maturity that both honours the past and defies the days to come.A brand that crosses generations and constantly redefines the nature of classics, creating timeless piecesthat overcome the challenges of design, quality and sustainability.Proof that age does not count, when higher values emerge with us.



Muroexe is a leap to the unknown.

A surprising path towards minimalism, design and the future.Its irreverence caught our eye in London and our paths came to cross in Barcelona, where debates around design and comfort started to shape this relation. Then came an alliance, a friendship, strengthening this Iberian force that in its core stands for a new way of thinking. A new way of being.



Creativity, design, sustainability, bravery.

These are the axes that move us on daily basis and the ones that brought us closer to a project such as this. A project that is derivative from Muroexe, but carries on its back a defiant Berlim vibe, that we came to know during a weekend among german friends. It struck us immediately that it’s singularity was above fashion and trend. Standing for values that push you further.



Komono means “small things” in Japanese.

And this is a relationship built on small things since the beginning. This is an old passion of ours that grew over its thorough detail and will to break moldes and aesthetic patterns, showcasing models of a precious minimalism. Each piece is an affordable luxury. Each pice is a soulful symbol that we’re honoured to have with us.

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